Social Media Marketing Agency

In Ahmedabad, India

As a creative digital agency, we provide you with channel specific social media services that includes strategy and planning, creation of your brand’s account, content creation, publishing the content, campaign and community management, growth of your social media handles etc.


By supporting your brand’s existing marketing efforts, we improve the conversion rates from inbound marketing channels and build highly scalable campaigns for lead generation and result oriented marketing.


With proper ad campaigns and engaging content we increase the follower count on your social media platforms so that there are new users who visit your handle from time and time.


We curate our campaigns and posts in a way that generates the maximum social media engagement across all the platforms. We brainstorm about each content and the design language which would attract more audience to the client’s posts.


Our content team ensures that each of the posts for our clients are perfectly planned and executed so that it reaches the right audience. Right from planning the content of the post to fine tuning the caption and hashtags, we take care of everything.


We carefully study the social media movements of our client’s competitors and try to implement new and unique ways to ensure that your brand stands out from them and provides the followers with something different. We always strive hard to implement better plans and ways that give the brand a completely unique look online.

ORM Services

We maintain the client’s social media ORM (Online Reputation Management) by being responsive towards every action, comment or query that is taken on any of the accounts. We ensure that the brand’s online reputation is exactly how the brand defines and identifies itself.


Our social media team creates a proper strategy, right from the kind of content that needs to be posted to the right time when the posting needs to be done, every little details are taken care of and implemented minutely so that the online audience is responsive,engaged and encourages lead prospects.

Increasing Website Traffic

We help to drive traffic from social media marketing by sharing content on relevant groups as well ensuring engagements on similar such posts.

Social Media Account Audit

Our team of SEO experts, helps in a thorough analysis of the client’s social media profiles and then prepares a campaign that optimises the social media accounts. We also determine the kind of marketing technique which would successfully hit the established goals.

Original Social Media Posts

The social media posts that our content and ideation team works on are completely original and unique that helps your brand stand out from your competitors. Time and again, we innovate the content and social media posts based on the recent trends and changes.

Cover and Profile Photo Design

We design the cover and profile photo across all social media handles that carefully represent or showcase the idea of the brand.


The purpose of a social media calendar is to provide a framework for sharing content that resonates with your audience and also sells your business. Before creating your calendar, we plan your content around specific campaigns and goals. We use the social media calendar to plan original content, images, and timely promotions that require extensive preparation and coordination

Who Needs This Service, And Why?

Do you want to make your business to be more visible with high searchability in every search engine? Possibly be included on the first pages? We, Click Big, have solutions for you.

Many big businesses and well-known brands know that SEO is important for their digital properties. They also reap the benefits and real value of excellent SEO.

As the best SEO services in India and with our years of experience, we have compiled a list of who needs SEO services and why they should.                                       

As mentioned earlier, the target audience of this type of service is various companies and organizations that need to reach multiple potential customers through social media marketing. Doing so will help them efficiently market their products and services to multiple customers, not just locally, but also internationally through various social media platforms that are commonly used by millions globally.

It may not seem much, but doing marketing through social media platforms is the norm in the commercial market of today. Sure, traditional marketing through physical media still exists, but the downside of this is that they are limited in their reach and scope. Those two hindrances are overcome by social media marketing by using those said platforms as marketing tools to reach a wider audience.

Why ClickBig (And What Makes Them Different) ?

Being a sister company of BrandVeda, most of ClickBig’s social media marketing courses are done online with their certified trainers that are social media marketing experts. This means that the courses they offer are the real deal, and will ensure that companies, organizations, and various individuals will benefit from their social media marketing courses that they will take.

Additionally, ClickBig offers additional specialization management courses such as digital marketing, SEO marketing, web design, and development, wherein all are backed up by various certifications, ensuring that their courses are of top-quality.



Building The Client’s Awareness

This is essential to our clients since this is the leading way for them to be known by their future customers. Without awareness by our clients, they risk losing many future customers to their competitors, which can be a massive blow to their prospective profits. Additionally, creating awareness through social media platforms is much easier and quicker than traditional marketing means.


Authority Is Communicated

In the internet communication age of today, the public can easily access information that they want and need in just the palm of their hands by using various devices such as smartphones. Being able to communicate one’s presence and authority will help companies and organizations in attracting new and potential customers as their source of profit.


Present Authenticity

Many current and future customers are very meticulous when it comes to supporting brands, products, and services in the market today. Therefore, helping clients in showing their authenticity in various social media platforms through marketing strategies helps them in getting the attention and support of many customers worldwide.


Digital Brand Identity

It might sound not a part of social media marketing, but the building of one’s digital brand identity is essential to the growth of an individual, company, or organization. Sure, it can take a long time for this to bear positive results for the ones making it. Still, they will benefit hugely from it, giving them a massive presence over the saturated digital markets and many social media platforms of today.

Tools/Softwares Used For Our Services

At ClickBig, we provide top-of-the-line tools and software that our clients can use in further marketing their brands, products, and services in various social media platforms that can be used for social media marketing.

 Most of the tools and software that we provide are globally known and are well-established, being backed up by various prestige awards by institutions and known organizational bodies around the world.

As of the moment, below is the list of some of the tools and software we provide to our clients that they can freely use as part of the social media marketing management courses that we currently offer: