Lead Generation

In Ahmedabad, India

 Since the most important part of any marketing strategy is to gain leads, At ClickBig, we help your target audience get into the sales funnel and give them new earnings and clients with the help of lead generation services. With our lead generation services, your company can generate website traffic and convert that traffic into valuable leads with the help of various strategies. We help your businesses in giving the highest quality of leads so that you can close more sales and earn the maximum amount of revenue.

Lead Gen Services Provided By Us

Organic Lead Gen

After understanding your audience, investing in SEO, improving page speed, making website navigation simple, we help you in generating organic leads which brings valuable prospects to your company.

PPC Lead Gen

After attracting visitors based on what they are looking for, achieving immediate keywords and rankings, bidding on various stages of the funnel, knowing more about leads and their behaviour etc, we help you in PPC Lead Gen.

Social Media Paid Lead Gen

To increase brand awareness and engagement, we optimize your social media profiles, create clickable content and generate ad campaigns that help in getting the leads. Our user friendly landing pages that we create is another reason to attract more number of leads.

E- Mail Marketing Lead Gen

By automating the process of sending emails and taking the help of email automation softwares, we help the brand in generating leads through e-mail marketing. We usually send emails to a particular segment of your customers from the list and at the frequency that you tell us about.

Quora Lead Gen

By creating a compelling profile, following relevant profiles and topics, showing your expertise, being helpful and contacting your followers, we help you in getting maximum leads from Quora.

YouTube Lead Gen

We help you generate leads on YouTube by targeting the relevant keywords, optimizing your Youtube Channel, adding website links to your website description and influencer marketing, we help you in generating leads via Youtube.

Strategies to increase Lead Generation

From time to time, we help you with various strategies and plans that help you in lead generation. We have an experienced team of experts who always look out for various ways in which they can increase lead generation for the clients.

LinkedIn Lead Gen

We help you achieve your lead gen ads by using sponsored content to promote the company updates in the LinkedIn Feed across desktop, mobile and tablet. We use LinkedIn Lead Gen forms that give you complete information about your leads.

Facebook Lead Gen

With the help of quick follow-ups, using dynamic ads for leads generation, implementing the dealer locator and creating high intent lead forms, we help you with lead generation on Facebook.

Instagram Lead Gen

With the help of optimizing the link in your bio, designing landing pages that deliver, using the swipe up feature on instagram, creating tailor creatives around your goal, create shopping content etc.

ReMarketing Lead Gen

We help you to create remarketing lists for every stage of your sales funnel and in creating separate remarketing landing pages. We reach out to new audiences with customer match and look alike audiences and maximize email sign ups with multi step forms.

Display Ads Lead Gen

We make the most of display ads lead gen to ensure that there are higher lead conversions that help your brand in growing to a next level. Display ads lead gen usually provide a better number of conversions than regular ads.

Who Needs This Service, And Why?

Businesses can benefit from Lead Generation Marketing Services to increase their brand awareness on social media, for a strong social media presence and in an effective way to generate leads and conversions through various online campaigns


Here are the reasons why you should go with Click Big’s Lead Gen Services

We target desired customers

We target desired customers at different demographic locations to collect relevant information about prospects, their needs and their preferences. We help you tailor the value of your product or service to meet their needs and wants.

We generate brand awareness

We create brand awareness with our Lead Gen marketing services that help engage in tighter, more effective demographic targeting and controlling the number of leads a business wishes to receive per month.

Cost Effective

: Lead Generation is relatively cost effective than other lead generations and that is the reason why we focus on various lead gen strategies to develop ROI for your brand.

Converting leads into profits

We help convert leads into profits by strategizing the sales based on the products and services and using strategies wherein leads turn into full-fledged customers.

Removing inner obstacles

We remove inner obstacles in your busineses by effectively managing the lead gen solutions for your brand.


We consider every personal project of yours as ours and that is how we try to get better results

for your brand. Having a team of expert professionals, we want to make your

brand visible through Lead Generations by implementing various ideas and strategies that helps in the growth of your brand. With a very clear and transparent approach, we understand your needs and develop our campaigns based on the same so that you get your desired results.

We continuously strive to be the best Lead Generation Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad by providing you with the best of services, right from creating a post to successfully marketing the post we help you Click Big.



Sales/Marketing and Product Alignment

We first understand your business and the kind of marketing or sales process which your brand usually goes through.


Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

As part of our alignment process, we first ensure that we use the same tools that would help in managing leads and customers.


Lead Intelligence Gathering

Using progressive profiling approach, we create landing pages that can gather maximum sales. We then identify relevant pages and profiles that lead during the buyer journey


Lead Segmentation

We set up marketing automation workflows that categorizes leads and segments them into lists through various criteria. We then use these leads to nurture with relevant content and personalized communications.


Lead Scoring

We set up a lead scoring criteria and a point system where we usually move leads to the CRM and when the time is right we trigger notifications using marketing automations.

Tools/Software We Use For This Service