Google PPC Agency

In Ahmedabad, India

Having a wide range of experience in Google Ad Services, we provide you with the best of turn-key solutions for your brand’s advertisement on Google and Bing. Our team of experts start your campaign after an in-depth analysis and by creating a strategy that is based on your brand’s objectives, the persona of your audience and the recent market trends. Centered on delivering tangible results, our team works with dedication to refine and optimize your campaign that would help you generate ROI.

Here are a wide range of services that we work on


At ClickBig, we take care of everything that is needed to successfully advertise your Android or IOS App on Google. We create strategic campaigns to create, innovate and successfully make your app go viral.


We provide tailored advertising strategies that help you in showcasing your products to the buyers. Our team creates campaigns right from the scratch that handles every aspect of content and marketing to ensure that you begin to generate revenue out of the ad services.


We create successful campaigns that target on better return of investment out of your ad searches. These campaigns and strategies by our team are designed in such a way that focuses on the probability of clicks and conversions.


ClickBig helps you re-engage with potential customers by adding the website and app visitors on remarketing lists and then targeting these leads with specific display ads. We help you grow your revenue with the help of quality remarketing services on an affordable budget.


We help you drive your display advertising campaign to greater success by creating ad campaigns, target optimization, analytics assessment etc. With our expertise in Display ad services, we make display ad a profitable channel for your business.


ClickBIG helps your business with everything that it needs to for advertising on Youtube. Right from building your campaigns to creating ads, we set up your campaign according to your target audience so that you begin to generate leads out of the Youtube Ads.


With the help of A/B testing in AdWords campaigns we allow advertisers to continuously improve conversion rates on their PPC campaigns. As the campaign progresses,with PPC Split Testing, more effective ads and landing pages are constructed.


We carefully set up the campaign before testing the metrics and then continuously evaluate and optimize the marketing campaign to ensure that every penny that goes into optimization and testing is wisely spent.


Before starting off with any campaign, we carefully plan and strategize your campaign based on your brand’s market trends. We always strive to give you better results without burning a hole in your pocket.


With the help of Product Listing Ads we place your products in front of millions of online purchasers who search on Google. We tell them what you exactly have for sale before they even reach your site, which makes them click on your ad and make a purchase, thus generating your ROI.

Who Needs This Service, And Why?

Do you want to make your business to be more visible with high searchability in every search engine? Possibly be included on the first pages? We, Click Big, have solutions for you.

Many big businesses and well-known brands know that SEO is important for their digital properties. They also reap the benefits and real value of excellent SEO.

As the best SEO services in India and with our years of experience, we have compiled a list of who needs SEO services and why they should.                                       

Highly Targeted

Google AdWords permits targeting customers using specific keywords like location, time, and language. No other marketing approach could be as targeted as PPC.


If you compute the cost of SEO, SMO, or even email marketing with the PPC, you’ll see that AdWords is unmistakably more cost-effective than the others. Here you pay per click, and that click presents a client attracted to your offer. You buy leads that can be changed into deals.

Handle Your Competition Better

You need to keep an eye on your competitors to see how they are promoting their businesses, what kinds of ads they run, etc. The well-defined system of Google AdWords assists you to do this. Grab the range of alternatives that come your way and make yourself stand out from your competition.

It's Measurable

For advertising, you’ll make proposals, yet in what manner will you assess the effectiveness of those procedures? There is no such trouble with PPC as you quickly measure favourable outcomes in marketing. Google will feed you through reports on clicks brought about and costs charged. Moreover, you can see the connection of your visitors and make changes in the procedure to acquire higher targets.

Measure Your Performance Consistently

AdWords would tell you precisely what happened with your campaign. You’ll find out:

  • Who clicked on your advertisement
  • What number of leads have been produced
  • How much traffic you have from AdWords to your site
  • Which keyword created the most traffic and leads
  • How much it costed you per lead

Why Click, Big ?

Click Big PPC agency in Ahmedabad is a results-driven digital marketing and web development organization. With our digital marketing solutions considered as the best PPC advertising service in India, we provide what your business needs to find and keep customers. Everything is done for you and is proven to give you real business results. We can help you develop a digital brand that’s consistent, effective and representative of your business or organization. Most people know that a successful business needs a brand, but many fail to consider that their digital brand is just as famous as offline branding media.

As a Google AdWords service provider India, we can help manage your social media accounts and create a strategy to connect with your potential customers. So much more than just building “Likes” to your page, we can help your business generate more leads and sales by building massive brand awareness, driving more traffic, and helping keep your business top of mind among your target market. Being regarded as one of the best PPC advertising services in India, we offer custom strategies across search and social platforms to help reach your goals.

We continuously strive to be the best PPC expert in India, and we are committed to bringing excellence in the customer experience for its clients and have written its story of success by concentrating on design, commerce, content, and marketing.



Signup with your Google email address

To start your campaign on Google Ads, go to, find the “Get started now” button, and sign up for a Google Ads account.


Make your first program

Right after you have joined, click the ‘Create your first campaign’ button. The campaign is a set of advertisements, keywords, and offers that share a financial plan. In this area, you need to show your adverts and different settings to sort out categories of products or business that you offer.


Add on Ad Text

Select the kind of advertisements you need to show based on where you want to show your promotions and the business objective.


Customize the campaigns to the different target audiences

Programs can be effortlessly altered to concentrate on satisfied online clients. You can target individuals in various areas, people utilizing different gadgets, individuals scanning for something precisely identified with your item, and individuals on multiple sites owned by Google, for example, Google search engine, YouTube, and other content sites where Google advertisements show up.


Monitor the performance

Google Ads empowers you to check the progress of your advertisements. Your business would thus be able to calculate the return on investment of ads against business goals.


Select the budget

You can set the highest cost you need to spend every day for your campaign. It allows you to deal with the money you need to pay on your program month to month without worrying if you’re going to go over your allowance.

Tools/Software Used For This Service