Funnel Setup Agency

In Ahmedabad, India

Our Marketing Team helps your brand in efficiently scaling up the sales funnel by converting a visitor into a paying customer. By creating a SEO friendly content, publishing white papers, getting backlinks, we create an effective marketing funnel where potential customers can engage with the brand’s content and later turn into potential buyers. We create sales funnel according to the industry you belong to and effectively strategize to position your brand.

Here are the list of funnel set up services that we provide you

B2B Marketing Automation Service

At ClickBig, we provide you with tactics, strategies and growth that help you fuel your growth for future. We help you overcome the challenges that come with digitizing your funnel and your pipeline. We enable businesses to automate tasks and workflows for the marketing and sales process and then support lead nurturing and custom engagement.

Funnel Creation and Set Up

By creating awareness, interest, evaluation, commitment and sales, we help you in creating and setting up a funnel that helps you get traffic to your site and creates an awareness amongst customers to become potential buyers. We define and set up every stage in the sales funnel which then leads to content for the stages in the sales funnel.


Since Funnel Tracking brings in more sales, at every lead stage we help you with managing your leads, following up on quotes, tracking proposal requests, sending frequent task reminders and maintaining good customer relationships. We have state of art softwares that help you with the tracking processes.

Social Media Funnel

ClickBig helps you streamline your social media funnel at every step. We plan your posts and tag them by funnel stages so that we can find out where the funnel is working and where it needs more attention.

Paid Campaign Set Up And Monitoring

We help you with a paid campaign set up that decides on a set up how much you can sell on your website. With the help of setting up an analytics tool, we also help you monitor your paid campaign set ups to see the performance of the same.

Custom Landing

In a funnel set up, custom landing helps in conversions that will help you triple your profits. With custom landing, we try to continuously grow your ideal customer base with the help of technology, social media and other available tools.

ClickFunnel Automation Set Up Services

We help you with ClickFunnel Automation Set Up Services that helps in seeing the action taken by your visitors on the site. We also add an autospender Integration to your funnel page that helps you integrate your favourite autoresponder by capturing leads.

HubSpot Automation Services

We help you set up and nurture about your brand on HubSpot by providing an introduction of your brand, digital marketing services by your brand, generating automated emails etc.

Who Needs This Service, And Why?

Businesses can benefit from this service as it helps in increasing the brand awareness and develops better sales prospects 


Here are the following reasons why businesses should go with ClickBig’s Funnel Set Up Services

Awareness of your product

We establish your credibility in the domain and create an awareness about your product by creating content that educates the subscribers and showcases the value of your product.

Consideration of leads

We help your subscribers deal with your brands and provide them with targeted content that caters to their interests, this way there are a number of leads that get converted through targeted content.

Improving Buyer Intent

We help improve the buyer intent by lead nurturing and sales pitch to create a sense of urgency amongst the subscribers. We send promotional emails with offers and subscribers so that they can purchase your product the right way.


: After convincing the subscriber, we help in generating conversion through various marketing strategies that help in handling customers and giving them an opportunity to purchase final products.

Automation and Drips for customer retention

After a prolonged interaction, we create a series of drip emails to ensure that the leads are further nurtured into conversions.


We consider every personal project of yours as ours and that is how we try to get better results for your brand on Facebook. Having a team of expert professionals, we want to make your brand visible on Facebook through our ideas and strategies that helps in the growth of your brand. With a very clear and transparent approach, we understand your needs and develop our campaigns based on the same so that you get your desired results.


We continuously strive to be the best Facebook Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad by providing you with the best of services, right from creating a post to successfully marketing the post we help you Click Big.



Recognizing the Problem

Before setting up a sales funnel, we recognize the problem for you and later provide you with a list of solutions in a sales funnel set up.


Information Search

Before moving ahead into the later stages of the sales funnel we do a proper information research to ensure that every information is feeded in the right way


Purchase Decision

We create a set up in a way that it helps in leading the purchase decision of the customers and wants them to purchase the product.


Post Purchase Behavior

We carefully monitor the post purchase behavior of the consumers to see their response towards the product which they have purchased.


Recognizing the problem

If there is a certain problem that is associated with the product, we try to quickly recognise and fix the problem.