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Having an expertise in Facebook Marketing, we help your organization with better results from advertising and Marketing on Facebook. You can be assured of getting a better ROI (Return of Investment) with the help of our Facebook Marketing services where we help you to develop, optimize and manage your Facebook campaigns. By providing you with the best of turn-key solutions, our specialized team of Facebook Marketers help to ensure that you begin to generate leads, conversions and proper visibility out of Facebook.


Our experienced team looks into the best ways in which your brand can be marketed on Facebook. Right from creating custom strategies and plans to full fledged marketing and advertising solutions, we have your brand covered on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Services Provided By US

Facebook Lead Gen

Lead Generations on Facebook helps your business grow on Facebook and keeping that in mind, create our campaigns in a way in which it can leads by providing value for the people. By customizing lead ads, providing you with higher quality leads, reflecting your ads to the right people, we ensure that your business always takes a positive curve on Facebook.

Facebook Ad Audience Targetting

We customize the ad campaigns in a way in which the right audience can come across your product and become potential customers which not only helps the audience but the brand too. With specialized ad strategies for your business, we ensure that we target the right people at the right time.

Facebook User Engagement

Our campaigns are curated in a way that attracts maximum user engagement on the posts from time to time. We always look forward to proper planning and execution when it comes to getting engagement on the client’s posts.

Facebook Ad Design

Our team of experienced designers create ads that can get the maximum potential reach on Facebook. The ad designs too, are curated in the same way, keeping the ethics in mind so that the ad reaches out to maximum people and helps in engagement and getting leads.

Facebook Ad Copywriting

Our experienced team of copywriters always ensure and know their game best when it comes to writing the perfect copy for a brand. We look closely into the Facebook Ad copies and write it with perfection so that the online audience likes it and straightaway gets hooked onto the product.

Facebook Ad and Landing Page A/B Testing

Our Facebook Marketing experts, design Facebook Ads which have greater quality and attractive visuals which optimizes the ads to reach out to a greater audience. By gathering data, creating a hypothesis, calculating your sample size, eliminating confounding variables etc we help you in landing page AB testing.

Facebook Page Growth

From time to time, we do a proper analysis of the type of audience, campaign planning, engagement, reach of the content etc and then plan the growth strategy of your Facebook page.

Unique Facebook Content

Our team of content writing experts, provide you with unique Facebook content that would help your page look more unique and add a different persona and look to your page because of the uniqueness in the content. This helps in generating a better refined audience who has a taste for unique content.

Branding Awareness/ Facebook Remarketing

With brand awareness campaigns, we help you in optimizing the campaign so that we get to know the time consumption of your audience on multiple ads. With the help of various brand awareness strategies, we help your business become more recognised.

Facebook Advanced Audience Building

We help your brand grow on Facebook by key planning advanced audience building strategies that help in ensuring that there are more unique visitors and audience that come to your Facebook page and later become your brand’s loyal customers.

App Engagement/App Installation

Our Facebook Marketing Team crafts various campaigns and strategies to generate engagement in your app and make more people install the brand’s app. Contest ideas, user engagement programs etc are some of the popular campaigns we usually come up with for app installations.

Facebook Analytics and Reporting

After completion of every campaign or by the end of every month, we share with the brand a proper report that we analyze and strategise upon later to improve upon the growth and development of the brand.

Funnel Building Strategies

By curating proper content, promoting the content to a varied audience, neglecting lookalike audiences, offering freebies, building trust and remarketing everything, we help the brand in building funnel strategies.

Who Needs This Service, And Why?

Businesses can benefit from Facebook Marketing Services to increase their brand awareness on social media, for a strong social media presence and in an effective way to generate leads and conversions through various online campaigns


Here are the following reasons why you should go with ClickBIg’s Facebook Marketing Services

Expertise in Facebook Marketing

Our team of Facebook experts have an experience of the industry which they put to best use in creating Facebook Marketing strategies for your brand.

Defining a target audience

We define and curate a target audience where we wish to run the ad campaigns or who are of the same or similar taste as your brand, with the help of this we get an idea about their choices and preferences.


Facebook Marketing is relatively cheaper and has higher ROI than any other offline marketing. With a little amount of money that you spend, you can see better results for your campaigns.

Measuring your performance

From time to time, we look after your brand’s performance and the way certain posts and campaigns have been performing. Later we curate our strategies based on the same which helps in getting a better grip of the market industry.

Helping you with leads

Our campaigns our designed and marketed in such a way on Facebook wherein you can generate leads and develop prospect clients for the future.


We consider every personal project of yours as ours and that is how we try to get better results for your brand on Facebook. Having a team of expert professionals, we want to make your brand visible on Facebook through our ideas and strategies that helps in the growth of your brand. With a very clear and transparent approach, we understand your needs and develop our campaigns based on the same so that you get your desired results.


We continuously strive to be the best Facebook Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad by providing you with the best of services, right from creating a post to successfully marketing the post we help you Click Big.



Ideating a campaign

Before posting on Facebook, we thoughtfully ideate and brainstorm the content should float as per the campaign needs


Curating the content

We then curate the content which fits best with the campaign needs and demands. Our team of content writers and copywriters brainstorm on the necessary content


Design the campaign

Based on the content, the design team makes sure to deliver the right creatives which would appeal to the audience.



We then post consistent content on Facebook by reaching out to your audience with definite caption and by running ad campaigns on it.



After every month, we prepare a concise report of the campaign performances and show you all the other required information for the growth and strategy of your brand.