Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Italy

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Italy

There has been an increasing trend in the business shift operations from physical to digital. Businesses are searching for different fast-growing digital marketing agencies in Italy to assist them in having a powerful online presence. The benefits of Digital Marketing are immense and help you establish your hold in the online space.

While there are several digital marketing agencies across the world, we tell you about some of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in Italy that are indeed making the most of their digital knowledge and helping immensely in the growing eco-system of the digital space

1. Steel Marketing:


Founded in 2018 by Caleb Luketic, Steel marketing has an expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords or PPC, Website Design and more for various industries such as Real Estate Investors, Home Service Business, Funeral Homes and Cremation providers.

Overview: Steel Marketing is a digital marketing agency which has specialization in lead generation and getting more revenue for any business in various industries.

Having assisted numerous businesses in generating leads and having helped the businesses enhance their revenue, Steel marketing has branches in Italy, Tennessee.

A digital marketing agency based out of Rome, Steel takes care of content strategy and ensures that your firm meets the dedicated objectives.

Being an elite digital marketing agency in Italy, Steel has helped various investment firms find great success on the Google search results.

The total Employee strength of Steel marketing is 2-9.


The primary mission of Steel marketing is to assist business owners to get more leads and generate profits.

Services provided by Steel Marketing

– Steel Marketing assists in ranking the business websites at the top of Google rankings through their state-of-the-art Search Engine optimization methods.

– It helps them get traffic from their innovative Google Adwords campaigns.

– Steel Marketing provides services such as Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Ads and Website Design, YouTube and Retargeting ads on Google.

– Steel Marketing uses proven and highly effective methods for Search engine optimization and Adwords to your website.

Steel Marketing tie-ups with clients and projects completed

The brands with which Steel Marketing has worked so far include

– Propelio
– ProBrush
– ProPlumbing
– Patterson Property Solutions
– RoughNeck

Reviews and ratings: N/A

Contact details:
– Phone number: 615-208-4999
– Email address: [email protected]
– Address: 925 S Church St., Suite B200 C, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Niche they prefer

Real Estate investors or wholesalers

2. iProspect:


iProspect came into existence in the year 1996 and is widely experienced in Search Engine Optimization and various platform capabilities. It has offices in 56 countries.

iProspect is an award-winning digital marketing agency in Italy that is reputed for driving digital performance for the largest brands in the world. It has an in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour.

iProspect helps in reshaping the brand strategies to meet the demands of the world and emphasizes the business objectives of the clients. iProspect is known to have valuable digital experiences and makes us of solutions such as natural search content, generation of content, management of social media, affiliates, and mobile strategy.

The agency focuses on web design and development and has immense expertise in branding, search engine optimization and e-commerce development. This digital marketing agency in Milan utilizes different strategies to enhance brand awareness.

Mission of iProspect

The main mission of digital marketing agencies is to drive excellent results for the biggest brands in the world. Their goal is to utilize data and insights to find out ways for improvement of site design and user engagement.

Services provided by iProspect

– The services provided by iProspect are highly integrated, specialized and scaled.

– They make maximum use of data, technology, and expertise for the creation of personalized experiences that provide great business results.

– iProspect helps brands enhance their businesses via new commerce platforms.

– Their expert consultants respond to the new client requirements for the digital economy.

– The digital marketing agencies assist various firms to optimize their marketing efforts making use of the right combination of Google Marketing platform tools and other capabilities.

Ratings: 3.5

iProspect brands and tie-ups

– Facebook
– Microsoft
– Kenshoo
– Amazon advertising
– Sidecar
– AppsFlyer
– Google

Niche iProspect prefers

iProspect bridges the gap between people and brands.
This digital marketing agency in Europe has specialization in performance activation, experienced optimization, and various platform capabilities at work to provide well-integrated solutions for several brands.

The number of employees they have is between 1000-9999.

Contact Details
– Phone number: +39 02 8733 4100
– Address: Via Benigno Crespi, 23 20159, Milan, Italy
– Email address: [email protected]

3. Across SRL

Established: Across is based in Turin, Italy and it’s in into the field of digital marketing since 2011

Founder of the company

This company was founded by Sergio Brizzo.

Across SRL is a digital marketing company in Turin which offers complete and customized solutions that meet every requirement. The top digital marketing agencies in Italy combines digital channels and optimizes various online campaigns to get to a wider audience. Across SRL is in Turin, Italy and Hamburg, Germany.

The agency is expert in creating multi-channel marketing campaigns that can be integrated into our sales solutions. They assure higher user to customer conversion and handle everything to get excellent results.

Mission of Across

The main mission of Across SRL is to provide a new meaning to your advertising and has total synergy between online and offline. Across SRL’s approach to the user is exceptional and its advertising strategy is well integrated with direct contact via their internal customer care centre.

Services provided by Across

– Across provides highly effective marketing solutions.

– Across has expertise in optimizing each campaign to provide enhanced results.

– It has an in-depth knowledge of the basics of digital marketing.

– Across works on constant optimization of each campaign to provide the finest results and elevate the performance to the greatest possible extent.

– Across develops well-integrated marketing and sales strategies for your business.

– Across has an expert team well versed in generating leads and for accomplishing your final goals.

– Across guides, you till you reach your final business objective.

– It helps in finding the best suitable solutions for your business.

Brands and tie-ups of Across Inc.

Deloitte Inc. is a renowned client of Across digital marketing company.

Ratings: N/A

Contact Details:
Phone Number: +39.011.7920826
Email address: [email protected]
Address: Via Confienza, Turin

Niche they prefer

The fast-growing digital marketing agencies in Italy emphasizes on creativity and constant optimization of each campaign to give their best and elevate the performance to greater levels.

Across provides a well-integrated model of sales and marketing solutions which are highly flexible and can be managed remotely.

Signorelli & Partners


Signorelli Partners came into existence in the year 1990.

Founder of the company

Danny Signorelli is the founder of Signorelli & Partners.

Signorelli & Partners has the expertise in behavioural internet marketing, and it helps you in the business communication field. This digital marketing agency in Catania is an excellent partner for firms, public and private organizations. The digital marketing agencies specialize in finding a new means to communicate the quality of your services and plan excellent behavioural internet marketing actions and develops strategies to meet your requirements.

Services provided by the company

– This Digital marketing agency in Italy focuses on the engagement of a larger audience, enhance the profits of their client’s business.

– Digital marketing agencies create highly effective advertising campaigns for their clients.

– This company has a blend of creativity and experience to attract the attention of the consumers.

– Signorelli & Partners main goal is to get new customers and retain old customers. They set up positioning and indexing of the campaign and develop the finest communication strategy.

– The digital marketing agencies in Italy help in developing the identity of your brand assures its client’s high rating and total success.

– Signorelli & Partners have a great marketing plan in place and communication services to enhance your business.

Company tie-ups with clients

– Alifresh
– Asec Trade
– Cdo
– Ceccato
– Cenestesi
– Chisari
– Okobo
– Sac
– Tempus
– ValledelGrano

Ratings: 4.7

Contact Details

Address: Via Sgroppillo, 19/b 95027 San Gregorio di Catania
Phone Number: +39 095 493391
Email address: [email protected]

Niche they prefer

Signorelli & Partners work to change your idea into an excellent
communication project.

The digital marketing agencies in Italy makes use of conventional communication channels and digital media to reach their objectives.

5. Consulenza Social Media:


Consulenza Social Media came into existence in the year 2019.

Founder of the company

The CEO of Consulenza Social Media is Tancredi Matranga.

Consulenza Social media develops excellent communication strategies to grow the business of the firms. They enhance brand awareness and help to promote and services and products to the core. Their core areas of specializations are digital marketing, advice, training, and development. This is a digital marketing agency in Genoa that develops social media marketing strategies to improve the brand at 360 degrees.

The mission of Consulenza Social Media

The main mission of SEO digital marketing agency is to provide personalized advice for your business and give maximum flexibility for appointments.

Services provided by Consulenza Social Media

– The services provided by Consulenza Social media are social media marketing, social media advertising and influencer marketing.

– This firm also helps in E-Commerce development, website assistance, website development, landing page creation, Search Engine Optimization and content marketing.

– Consulenza assists firms make the best out of the world wide web.

– Digital marketing agencies help in the creation of modern and intriguing websites in an effective way of promoting the business.

Brands and tie-ups of Consulenza

Consulenza has tie-ups with excellent brands such as:

– Materese
– HRLink
– Opta
– Welfare solutions
– in-focus
– Daniele Giovani
– Farma-Trade
– Tend&Divani
– letyourboat

Ratings: N/A

Contact Details
Address: Via Assaroti 66r, 16122, Genoa Viale Brianza 20, 20127, Milan
Phone number: 333.1919094
Email address: [email protected]

Niche they prefer

Consulenza has immense expertise in development of communication
strategies for the growth of the firms.

The best digital marketing agencies in Italy helps in brand awareness and help in the promotion of the product

6. Innobrain:


Innobrain came into existence in the year 2010.

Founder of Innobrain

Mohammad Davari is the CEO of Innobrain.

InnoBrain is a digital marketing agency in Bologna which is highly innovative and supports various firms and accomplishes excellent results. InnoBrain strives to meet all your requirements and has several years of experience in this area. Our service includes porta and websites development, creation of content, training and internet marketing.

Mission of InnoBrain

The main mission of InnoBrain is the direction in which they take their projects with creativity and innovativeness.

Services facilitated by Innobrain

– Website development and restyling

– Content creation

– Branding

– Digital training

– Google services such as the position of the business in Google

– Migration of mail services on the Gsuite platform by Google.

– Makes use of creative digital strategies and market research

– Creates trends and utilizes social media

– Innobrain has an effective marketing strategy in place.

– Studies new trends

– Plans content creation

– Communicates through social channels

– Provides innovative means for digital training of companies

Brands and Tie-ups of InnoBrain

– Valmori
– Podere san Giuliano
– Ekis
– Gianluco Macaluso
– Red Ronnie
– The Artiere

Ratings: N/A

Contact Details
Phone Number: +39 3313367000
Email address: [email protected]
Via Michelino, 93/2, 40126 Bologna, Italy

Niche they prefer

Innobrain services include portal development

Content creation


Internet Marketing


7. Krein


Krein came into existence in the year 2010.

Company Founder

Steven Krein is the CEO of Krein.

Krein has over 30 years of worldwide experience with advanced tech solutions in software development and ITC consulting.

Krein is a highly strategic and technical digital marketing agency in Florence which has 15 years of experience in implementation of completely customized internet marketing setup.

Krein’s services include digital support and it assists in lead generation strategy to the integration of tools for many industrial segments. Krein designs and implements integrated digital strategies to assist the brand. Krein develops strategies which blend business and technology knowledge.

Mission of Krein

Krein’s mission is to make the digital media of the client perform in a better way. Krein assists customers to get more interaction that they have with their brand. Krein finds out an effective online channel blend that eventually leads to sales and brand loyalty.

Services provided by Krein

– Krein provides the finest digital solutions for various businesses.

– Krein has an expert team of developers who create great, custom websites that depend on the widely used CMS platforms.

– Krein prefers WordPress for updating and management purposes.

– Krein assists in recognizing the scopes that are ready for sales.

– Krein turns the marketing strategies into measurable and highly scalable programs that generate revenue and increase engagement.

Brands and Tie-ups of Krein

– Avio
– RVR Fireproof
– Ortec Group
– Frigel
– Prometheus
– Solor Tech
– Stopson Italiana
– Artimpianti
– Fonderie Palmieri
– GI & GI
– Comenco

Ratings: N/A

Contact Details
Phone number: +39 055 7324368
Address: Via Pisana 579/B, 50143, Florence, Italy
Email address: [email protected]

8. Mad Farm:


Mad Farm came into existence in the year 2018.

Company Founder

CEO of Mad Farm is Rocco Danilo Giurlando.

Mad Farm is a digital marketing agency in Catania which designs excellent digital solutions and web apps to assist your business is growing. We assist in defining your vision and help in transforming your ideas into excellent solutions that improve the way how your customer interacts with your products and business.

The mission of Mad Farm

This digital marketing agency in Italy has a belief that the finest means to accomplish success and value for each project is to share the resources and innovative ideas.

Services provided by Mad Farm

The services provided by Mad Farm are:

– Website and mobile development

– Brand Identity

– Digital Strategy

– eCommerce

– digital consulting and engagement

– Mad Farm designs solutions for web and mobile platforms.

– Mad Farm makes use of an analytical and innovative approach from the very beginning.

– Mad Farm works in sync with their clients all through the process to accomplish the finest result for the project.

– Mad Farm specializes in designing custom solutions for your business requirements and recognize the best tools and technology for the finest results.

– Mad Farm has expertise in designing interfaces that provide excellent user experience for your website, app or online store.

– This digital marketing agency assists businesses to grow by increasing their online presence and help to convert website visits to loyal customers.

Tie-ups and brand of Mad Farm

– SicilCima
– Zioli Noto
– Goodlab SRL
– Aitho

Ratings: N/A

Contact Details

Phone Number: +39 320 6695640
Email address: [email protected]
Address: Piazza Europa 13 95 127, Catania

Niche they prefer

Mad Farm provides digital solutions and web applications to assist in the growth
various businesses.

9. TCS Digital Marketing:


TCS digital marketing came into existence in the year 2005.

Founder or CEO

Not mentioned

TCS digital marketing company is located in Reno, Naples, Hanover and South Lake Tahoe.

TCS digital marketing is the most reputed digital marketing agency in Naples. TCS digital marketing has an expert team of professionals who deliver all your digital marketing requirements. It creates the finest strategies and executes the best marketing plans to deliver excellent results.

TCS researches and works with the best clients to understand their requirements. They believe in laser targeted marketing and provide the finest Return on Investment.

The mission of TCS Marketing

The main mission of TCS marketing is to reduce advertising expenses and enhance the return on investment.

Services provided by TCS Marketing

TCS Marketing provides services such as:

– Search Engine Optimization

– Paid search marketing

– Website design and development

– Reputation management

– TCS Marketing makes use of their joint expertise and utilizes cutting-edge technology with the latest tools with the finest industry practices.

– TCS Marketing has got an expert team of professionals to deal with search engine optimization on a local and a national scale.

– This digital marketing agency has an expert management team that assists clients to remove negative reviews and negative search results by using the most recent strategies.

– TCS Marketing plays a pivotal role in the digital marketing arena for the past ten years.

– They have immense expertise in assisting various businesses of all sizes.

– They treat the client as exceptional.

– They provide clients with custom requirements and provides a personalized solution to meet their requirements.

Brands and Tie-ups

– Tahoe Mountain Lab
– Personalized Memories

Ratings: 5

Contact Details

Not mentioned

Niche they prefer

Paid Search Marketing

Search engine optimization

Paid Search marketing

Website design and development

10. BDF Communication:

Founder or CEO

Bledar Bukaqeja is the founder of BDF communications.

BDF Communication is a digital marketing agency in Bari with innovative ideas and a team of passionate professionals who excel in their work. They provide services such as pay per click, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

The mission of BDF Communication

BDF communication’s main mission is to promote the web culture and promote its use as a communication means and a marketing tool for the professionals and various businesses.

The policy of the firm is to make customer involvement in every work phase and share the proposals or decisions to resolve their issues.

Services provided by BDF communication

– This digital marketing agency in Italy enables various businesses to enhance their visibility.

– They are experts in making a highly professional website and enhance your business.

– This agency helps in web analytics, website reputation, the identity of the brand, search engine optimization, social media marketing, online advertising, and Google Business view.

– Tie-ups and brands of BDF communication

– Massimo Divenuto

– VLS lawyers

– Fosca De Luca

– GB Bianchi Foundation

– Veterinary Soul

– Living without pain

– Dreams

– Dolce Vita Pastry Shop

– Martini Studio Palermo

Ratings: N/A

Contact Details

Address: Via Cesalpino 60, 2018 Milan, Italy
Phone number: 0236744780
email: [email protected]

Niche they prefer

Google business view

Social media marketing


Many online businesses miss the genuine value that social media facilitates to the table. It can be a lead generator and a creative engagement strategy to enhance awareness of the brand. The digital marketing course helps you get an insight into digital marketing techniques and strategies. A digital marketing expert is always there for you to help you streamline your business.

Social media gives high value for the various businesses. Many channels compete for your attention. These digital marketing agencies develop a campaign that makes your content strategy well-integrated in every social platform that is best for your business.

The team at the digital marketing services in Italy determine the social goals by completing the end objective for the client’s campaign. The digital marketing agencies conduct an audit of all the current social accounts to ascertain their present performance level. The digital marketing Consultants in digital marketing agencies help in providing excellent services.


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