Comprehensive List of Varied Types of Featured Snippets

Comprehensive List of Varied Types of Featured Snippets

One can learn regarding different types of featured snippets, how they appear in search results of Google and some of the most excellent practices for winning them.

The search engine result pages of Google or SERPs have dramatically taken place over some years.

It has been observed that the PPC ads have consumed organic search results. SERP features have become common nowadays.

Featured snippets have come into existence in the year 2014 and are a ray of hope for several SEO pros who want to take over the ‘position zero’.

To earn a featured snippet means a magnified SERP visibility.

The organic listing below showed up two times in page number one of Google:

Firstly, it appeared ‘above the fold’ as the featured snippet.

Secondly, it appeared as one of the regular pages one in organic search results.

On January 22nd, 2020, there was a considerable change when Google began to remove the duplicate URLs from SERPs that had featured snippets.

This specific update, in combination with the findings that showed snippets lessen the clicks to the organic search results on the whole.

This led some Search Engine Optimization professionals to think again whether the landing featured snippets are worth or not.

Google has brought about a significant change that is nice for publishers and users.

Google has enabled the users to the appropriate text to the search query, which is exhibited with a yellow background.

It is one of the pivotal reasons as to why you wish to continue to use featured snippets as an organic chance.

Google’s special content Resource blocks

Let us have an overview of some of the essential definitions before we take up some notable, featured snippets.

A wide range knows some highly special search results of names, so I want to distinguish between a featured and a non-featured snippet.

Non-featured snippet

Rich answers: These are also called as Instant answers and are answered by Google quickly without giving any credit to the website

These answers provide coverage to short and genuine aspects such as earth’s size or what is 10+2 (spoiler alert:12)

Google mentions that they don’t require to give credit, as these answers constitute the public domain.

Knowledge Graph (Non-Featured Snippet)

Knowledge Graph answers come from an array of sources. These exhibit on the right in a large lovely box or above the organic search results in a carousel. You will view these kinds of search results for people, brands and companies.

Rich Snippet (Non-featured snippet)

A rich snippet leads to an increase in the organic search results, and it enhances its real estate.

These search results show up with rating stars, accessibility of the product and price details. It also shows up photos for reviews.

What is a Featured Snippet?

A featured snippet is a specific block which is above the organic search results that Google exhibits for specific questions like who, what, how, where, and when.

It consists of a summary which is in the form of a list, Paragraph, a table or a video. It also has a page title, webpage link and the URL.

Featured snippets which are also referred to as answer boxes are on the top of the search results.

They are different on what Google draws the information from the organic listings on the search result’s 1st page.

Google provides that website credit through a link.

Google tries to make the life of a searcher simple, and it answers their questions within the search results.

Featured Snippets Types

The featured snippets lie in one of the three formats that are the list, Paragraph, or table snippet.

Snippet type                                         % of total snippets

Paragraph snippets                             81.95 %

List Snippets                                          10.7 %

Table Snippets                                      7.28 %

Let us review what they appear in the search results, and what are the query types that are suitable for each.

Snippet featuring the Paragraph

This is the most significant featured snippet we all adore.

Google takes out text from a page to enable the searcher to answer the question.

The best means to make this snippet useful is to answer the questions fast and then use the information that arouses the interest of the searcher.

Frequently asked question pages are considered best to answer multiple short questions at one time.

Dedicated blog pages are considered best for the complicated questions.

You can view paragraph snippets for questions such as:

How to do or get…

Who is…

Why is…

What is…

Numbered List Featured Snippet

These featured snippets show list out points which tell us how to do something, like recipes.

The aspect regarding the instance below is that it’s crystal clear that this will make you systematically go through the process.

Searchers can click to view what is in the photos or go through the additional information.

One can view the numbered list snippets for recipes, Do it yourself tasks, how to. and how do I..

Bulleted List Featured Snippet

In this snippet, SEO professionals and content managers can feel good about it.

Various Listicle articles are there for these kinds of featured snippets if you want to rank the items and just list them.

You may view the bulleted list snippets for getting the most excellent lists or items which are ranked or not ranked.

Table featured snippet

These snippets are highly popular and are composed of at least 29 per cent of all the snippets. Google tries to exhibit its efficiency with these snippet types.

It can draw details the users are searching for and regenerate its table.

Features snippets can have more than one column. So one should not feel restricted by the details you show.

The size can function in your favour when you wish to rank for a table featured snippet.

Ensure that your table has over four rows to enhance the chance of people clicking to your website.

You may view table featured snippets for pricing, lists, rates and data.

YouTube Featured Snippet

You need to think beyond your site when it is about the featured snippets.

Google takes these snippets from YouTube too.

Ensure that you optimize your videos to get selected.

Google can exhibit a clip from the video.

You can view YouTube featured snippets for any kind of query that has a featured snippet. Tables are an exception to this type of snippet.

Carousel Snippet

In this type of snippet, Google recommends related keywords which a user searches for in small bubbles right at the top or bottom of the snippet.

If any of these keywords are clicked, the content of the featured snippet alters.

Double Featured Snippet

Google shows two featured snippets and not one snippet.

In these types of snippets, Google makes an effort to cover their bases.

The nice news about double featured snippets is that one gets double the chance of getting featured.

The bad news is that if you are in spots 3 to 10, then your click-through reduces to a great extent.

You can view double featured snippets for the queries where Google is not sure of the intent of the user. You can also view keywords that have various meanings and definitions.

Two for one featured snippet

One should not confuse this snippet with the double featured snippet.

There are times when Google pulls from more than one website to answer the question of the individual.

An individual can sharpen his or her chances of ranking for a featured snippet by using imager that proves to be beneficial and helpful. The best aspect is to make use of illustrative imagery with your content. One can see two for one featured snippet for any sort of query that has a featured snippet and can be shown with an image.

How to excel at featured Snippets

One needs to do proper keyword research with a specific focus on the various questions.

Questions give the best boost for featured snippets.

There are various paid tools such as SEMRUSH and AHREFs, which let you view your keywords are ranking for the featured snippets and which one is not.

There are also many free tools which let you view the long tail question keywords, and these are the sections like ‘People also ask’ in Google.


Featured snippets will consistently exhibit an enhanced number of queries as Google become intelligent.

Several people begin making use of the voice search.

Any person can have a coveted featured snippet.

Now you know where to initiate.

So, now is the time that you start optimizing!


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